Three new papers have been accepted.

The first regards Eric Onuki’s master’s degree and is also a collaboration with Professor Andreia Malucelli.

ONUKI, Eric Kenzo Taniguchi, MALUCELLI, Andreia, BARDDAL, Jean Paul. A Tool for Measuring Energy Consumption in Data Stream Mining. Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems (BRACIS). 2023.

The second is a byproduct of João Kruger’s master degree in the ABEC project in which we applied explainable machine learning algorithms to detect student evasion.

KRUGER, João Gabriel Correa, BRITTO JR, Alceu de Souza, BARDDAL, Jean Paul. An Explainable Machine Learning Approach for Student Dropout Prediction. Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA). 2023.

Finally, the third paper is a result from Antônio David Viniskis thesis:

VINISKI, Antônio David, BARDDAL, Jean Paul, BRITTO JR, Alceu de Souza. Incremental Specialized and Specialized-Generalized Matrix Factorization Models based on Adaptive Learning Rate Optimizers. Neurocomputing (NEUCOM). 2023.